Vaping Nicotine Salts as an Alternative for The 70% of Those with a Mental Illness Who Smoke

I have found an amazing, healthier alternative for my long-standing addiction to nicotine which has always helped soothe me simply because I’m severely Bipolar I–it’s Juul brand nicotine salts!

The starter kit can be purchased at your corner store or online for most likely less cash than you are currently spending on a carton of cigarettes. I used to smoke Pall Mall Red 100s fiendishly and spent about $40/week on a carton (ten packs). The Juul starter kit comes with the vape stick, charger and 4 sample “pods” or e-juice packets that you plug into the vape stick.

I have been a smoker for about 24 years, or since I was 17 and first showed troubling signs of mental illness. Cigarettes have been my best friend all these years, able to calm me down and give me a timeout from my condition, if only for the briefest moments. I have repeatedly tried and failed over the past five years to switch to vaping, but I always felt unsatisfied with it and would always go back to smoking Pall Malls on my back porch–stinky, cancerous, bad-breath causing, perfume-destroying Pall Mall Red 100s…

Until now. Juul vaping is different because the e-juice is made from nicotine salts that contain as much nicotine as a pack of my red cigarettes–5%. This high percentage is much more nicotine than the average vape juice you could buy at your local vape shop. The pods come in a ton of flavors: cucumber, mint, tobacco, menthol, berry, creme (my fave), mango, etc. There are also compatible pods you can buy online which offer many more flavors, watermelon and strawberries and cream, for example, at similar prices of $16 per 4 pods–that’s the equivalent of four packs of cigarettes at $4 each, about the same price as my Pall Mall Red 100s carton cigarette packs!

I haven’t had the urge to smoke a real cigarette in the week since beginning to vape on the Juul stick, a first for me. I live in Southeast Texas and it’s so very hot right now outside in August, and I’m no longer stuck sweating and smoking on my back porch, praying for a breeze. My taste buds have come back. I smell great and have great breath. I feel like it’s easier to breathe. I am not looking back.

So, to all of my Bipolar and otherwise mentally ill brethren who smoke to soothe the savage beast, please consider making the switch to a solid, healthier vaping alternative like Juul (the only available brand which uses these nicotine salts as opposed to other e-juices). You might be as pleasantly surprised as I am at how satisfying and real they taste. After all, could funny man Dave Chapelle steer you wrong?

Here’s to your health! Leave a comment about vaping, the prevalence of those who are mentally ill who smoke, or something else in response to this post! Let’s discuss serious smoking alternatives so we with mental illness do not add cancer to the list of issues we are already struggling with!

*I am not a spokeswoman for Juul, nor was I paid to write this post.

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  1. dyane says:

    Wow! I’ve never heard of this and it’s so good to know. I’ve never been a smoker (both my grandmothers passed away from smoking-related lung cancer) and my mom smoked nasty brown Shermans, which I tried once. Yuck!

    A few months ago I purchased a CBD disposable vape pen for anxiety and insomnia. I’m no saint–these vape pens have drawbacks that I need to research—but I’m allowing myself to give it a try for now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Juul method really works as an alternative! I’m so glad I found it, too!


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