Rapid Cycling to Hypomania is Like a Shot of Heroin!

Hypo-depression has become hypomania, the most pleasant state in the universe and the reason some people enjoy being Bipolar (like me right now).

Hypomania is a sweet trip to Happytown, where money becomes limitless and shopping a full time job, sex is exquisite, creativity steals the show, everything I look at seems to have some kind of special light to it. Ah, the blissful reward for depressions both shallow and deep!

I am taking a mental health day today, however, because Hypomania also comes with sleep and food deprivation, annoying your family, not being able to focus. It can also turn into full-blown mania in a New York minute–that state is enough to make anyone jump off a bridge, whether you’re the bipolar one or the family member of someone with it.

But, I pour over my purchases (all needed, of course), smoke my Pall Mall red 100’s (even though I quit smoking a year ago), write down my creative project ideas and pieces of new poems, don’t have time to take a quick shower, and feel like I am starring in the movie version of my life. I’m a superstar and I love everyone and, in turn, everyone must love me!

Glorious! (Please do not turn into full-blown mania!!)

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