Celebrating My “New” Tenth Wedding Anniversary Set as of 10/15/19!

Another installment in the ongoing saga about how my Bipolar I with Psychotic Features affects the quality of my marriage! (This is a happy article!)

The Fiction & Folk Art of Marie K Johnston

So, in anticipation of our upcoming tenth wedding anniversary (10/24/19), I was a little sick of wearing what is by all measures a gorgeous diamond engagement set left to my husband from his grandmother in her will. Of course, I have always been thrilled to wear such a special, large, bequeathed object on my wedding ring finger, but lately I’ve been thinking that I’d rather put it in our safe to protect it and be less flashy…

I wanted something inexpensive to replace it with that I picked out myself…an affordable, big statement ring set that was either peridot (an inexpensive chartreuse green colored stone) or opal (matches everything like pearls do, would match my pearl solitaire promise ring)…

…But, money is tight since I’m not bringing home pounds of bacon as a novelist/poet, so I got creative and came up with this solution:

This is the promise ring that…

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