Seroquel Withdrawal is a Difficult, But Winnable, Journey!

Getting off of seroquel can be a trying thing, but I am sending you a glimpse of my struggle with this to encourage you to keep going and think the best on your withdrawal journey!

So, I am in Day 6 of seroquel withdrawal. I went down on it for two weeks gradually, then thought I couldn’t do it and took it again for two days, then with the encouragement of my psychiatrist, the amazing Dr. Rosenburg, have restarted the two week process, going seroquel-free for the sixth day in a row today!

I am happy to report that this long process gets easier every day!

I am experiencing the two main side effects of lots of diarrhea and dizziness (preventing me from driving, but I have a “chauffeur” in my friends and family!), and these two (for me) side effects are a little daunting and have prevented me from making any art except for these cuties:

These are soap dishes for my three bathrooms and a “McCurry” spoon rest! Cost: under $5!

I have been exhausted, anxious, had potty issues and had to retrain my brain not to automatically want the over-sedation of seroquel with every passing feeling…

Today, after some insomnia (another side effect), I woke up with my daughter feeling excellent and full of life!

Rosenburg has said that I need to work on experiencing my feelings and not always reaching for a pill to cope. I am happy to say that today, although I have been dealing with a fair amount of anxiety on this point, I am more capable of riding out the bumps and bruises of seroquel withdrawal because I am finding that I have more energy, I’m more alert, I have more room in my heart to experience the goodness of my life with the two McCurrys that I adore, and I’m increasingly feeling better and better!

No more days of overly-sedating, nap-inducing, flu-symptom causing Seroquel for this chick!

My replacement medication, Haldol, is holding me in a happier and more freeing mindset as I make my tempered way through the last half of seroquel withdrawal, something that I doubt will actually take 8 more days since it’s technically been out of my system for the previous two weeks (except for those two days in between).

I am happy to report that life is what you make it! Being mentally free from overbearing medicines just makes it that much easier!

I may be dizzy and have potty issues, I may end up resting for most of all of today, but my mind feels happier than I expected and I am ready to ride out the ups and downs of this anti-seroquel ride to its completion to see what is next in life and art with you along with me on this personal journey of health, creation and family love!

Bell-Bells is ready, too!

Here’s hoping that we are all making our ways to a more freeing, loving mindset to give us the hope and encouragement we will need to make the most of our mental health journey!

🦋🦋🦋, Marie K Johnston

Check me out at and to preview and purchase my novels and books of poetry, and as always, read my fiction and folk art blog at!

Happy living begins when you are happy in your heart!

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