The Freedom of Staying Busy

So, times of med change that coincide with my period have historically been terrible times for me. I have been in the midst of this all week, straining to find my way out the other side; and, to my great pleasure, I realized that a busy woman is a happy woman and have reinvigorated my hobby of crochet!

So, idle hands really are a bad thing. I had been so caught up in when to take my new meds, adjusting to barely eating now that I’m not taking seroquel, understanding my new side effects and being tired, having perimenopause symptoms like hot flashes (made worse by seroquel withdrawal) that I was having difficulty making art in my art room look any better than this:

…and I was caught up in a tiz that ended up getting me nowhere but in a big boiling pot of anxiety!

So, I consulted my support system. My husband said to call Dr. Rosenburg because he thought the meds were off…

…My mother-in-law said to call Dr. Allison, my psychologist…

And my mom said to swim sideways out of the vortex, all of which made me realize that the problem might be as simple as getting to work on something that was just challenging enough to flip my mood…

…I had forgotten that sometimes, it’s too challenging to be “creative” with art or writing. Sometimes, it’s the “busyness” of working with my hands that buys me some time outside of my own head and the hobby of crochet, I realized, was just what was needed.

So, now I am making a blanket for Chloe! And the anxiety has fallen away, blessed as I am with a large project to do and only two more days of seroquel withdrawal to go!

Here’s hoping you can find something constructive to do when times get tough to ease the savage beast!

❤️❤️❤️, Marie K Johnston,,!

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