You Can’t Be Anxious and Grateful at the Same Time!

I am here to say that during this coronavirus pandemic, you can easily get anxious (even if you don’t have a mental illness), but try being both anxious and grateful and you will find it impossible, I’m sure of it!

I keep a daily journal that I write in throughout my day. Lately, when I’ve been journaling, I sometimes start anxious-journaling. The only antidote to this is making lists of things I’m grateful for. Like this list:


-family to play with,

-fresh water,

-time to myself,

-healthy food,

-my cat,

-possible free $$ from U.S. govt,

-time to make a grateful list,

-quiet nights,


-vape stick.”

There’s an example of the list I just made in my journal when I started panicking about getting my hands on more toilet paper/fearing people will keep hoarding toilet paper!

It’s really an oxymoron to be a “grateful worrier.”

Ironically, the crazier the outside world gets, the calmer my outlook. When you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder like I do, you expect to be anxious for no reason. Now that there are a million real reasons to be anxious, I’m finding myself calmer than ever…

…but, when I’m not, I make grateful lists!

Hang in there, fellow mental compatriots! When reality becomes scary like this, I think we have a home field advantage because we are used to fighting these battles daily. Stay strong! Stay healthy!

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