Panicking Now is Normal, But Not Helpful, and Positive Coping Skills Must Be Addressed

Which coping skills are the best to use when you find that you are feeling anxious or panicky about this coronavirus situation? This is the question I have started asking myself after last night’s anxiety and my choice to take an anxiety med and eat snacks in bed until my panic passed…

So, lately I do well all morning and afternoon, but start to panic around bedtime…

…I put the TV on to go to sleep to, and for a while I listen to the news of the day and this is causing me to have a decent amount of anxiety which yesterday led to my first somewhat panic attack in a long time.

Last night, I had to take some anxiety medication and also resorted to eating snacks in bed while I got sleepy from my sleeping medication. Not the greatest coping skills, but honestly I could have done much worse. The situation the world finds itself in today with coronavirus is serious, everyone is finding positive and negative ways to cope, and I just need to work on choosing better coping skills.

Again, I’m not feeling creative while I am within the normal range, so it doesn’t naturally occur to me to use my creative coping skills. I figure a few snacks, although I’m trying desperately to lose my 25 lbs of seroquel weight gain, isn’t the end of the world if the result was that I found some level of comfort and was then able to sleep for 12 hours peacefully…

I barely eat at all during the day, I think another result of anxiety. So, I have to eat at some point and if an enjoyable time of day to eat is at night for me, this isn’t a great thing but again, it could be worse.

So, for today I am planning ahead and thinking about what I can do, in addition to making grateful lists in my journal as per an earlier post. I can surround myself with my family and tell them I love them. I can try to get my cat to snuggle with me at night when I lay down, although that is sort of a tall order, usually. I can put on a tv show that is not the news and listen to that behind my sleep mask. I can do deep breathing. I can try doing a body scan to ease myself to sleep.

There are a million things that we can use as coping skills. The important thing is to stay aware enough of the ones we are using that aren’t so positive, like snacking when I am trying to lose weight. I hope this article was helpful to those of you who are also experiencing higher levels of anxiety.

And, of course, let’s try and remember that worry does not make anything better. Worrying about the current state of life, as limited and limiting as it may be, isn’t a helpful thing to do. Worrying doesn’t make us more alert or able to function.

We need to find healthy ways of coping with anxiety in order to save our energy to use on things that actually make a difference in our very changed lives.

Please make a comment below if you have any ideas about coping skills for anxiety so that we can learn from you and maybe get some new ideas on coping with life under quarantine. Let’s start a positive comment list of the greatest ways we think we can cope with life after coronavirus!

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