First Day of Homeschooling During This Pandemic a Success!

“I love writing in my journal!” said my 8 year old daughter this morning during our first day of homeschool. Boy, was I happy to hear that!

We got off to a rough start, as my husband put her in a timeout for refusing to come to class. Chloe hates regular school and she was anticipating that homeschool would be just as terrible…

…but, after I talked to her about the fact that I was not following her teacher’s lesson plan for today and instead doing what I thought was best, she soon was curious enough to begin and we spent our two hour school day wisely with…

…science videos about morpho butterflies, snowflakes and cone snails, she got 19/20 division and multiplication problems I made up correctly, she read two chapters of Nancy Drew, and wrote in her new iNotes iPad journal!

Everyday will begin and end the same way, beginning with science videos (her fave subject), then multiplication/division, reading and writing. Some days we will also go up to our Art Room and do projects, but not today.

Today I feel successful because my daughter is happy, enjoyed and learned during school time, and has greatly improved her attitude toward school!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

I hope everyone’s homeschool experience is as easy-breezy and positive as ours!

Let us know how it’s going by leaving a comment!

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