Sofeggio Music is Symphonic Relaxation

So, I’ve read that Solfeggio music, a kind of deep, tonal music that is mostly without vocals, can be relaxing and I’ve found that it is.

It can sound like a symphonic prayer. If you listen to it with your eyes closed while you’re laying down (like I do), you can feel like you’re floating. It’s very calming.

This music is excellent for anxiety. My mother-in-law (who also has Generalized Anxiety Disorder) suggested that I listen to it recently during an anxiety attack and it stopped me from continuing to have an anxiety attack! I’m serious!

Find yourself a quiet place, like laying down on your bed, and then type in “Solfeggio” to your iHeartRadio or iTunes search engine, and just listen and close your eyes. That’s all you have to do. Let some time pass with you just listening to the music. The deep tones will soothe you. I promise. In these pandemic days, you can never have too many tools in your anxiety toolbox!

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