Intensive Therapy Session # 1: Recognizing Moods

You aren’t really alone on your journey if you have a good psychologist! The biggest question I have today is how long does it take to get over a childhood of incest? Her answer: before we can tackle that, we must deal with your hypomania! Recognizing my moods was one of my original goals when I first started seeing her in December of last year, and it is important to focus on fixing my mood first because it is a must to be at baseline in order to address my issues correctly.

We addressed the fact that the inpatient psychiatrist told me I could take all of my antipsychotic (geodon) at night, that I had woken up at 3:30am and only gotten 6 hours of sleep two days in a row, that I had begun getting irritated like I had PMS since Wednesday (today is Friday), that Chris and I were fighting, I wasn’t eating, I couldn’t stop nonstop talking or writing, the house hadn’t been this messy in two years since we had gotten a maid and I had been shopping online and listening to loud music on my phone this week.

We both called my doctor after we ended the session. She told me to ask him if I should be splitting the geodon up in two doses, along with anything else he could recommend. I am waiting for him to call back after drinking a large valerian root tea and taking a dose of Benadryl to aid in slowing down. I have felt hypomanic like this for three days. I thought it was me talking about my father with friends. It wasn’t. I thought it was me feeling my feelings instead of stuffing them. It wasn’t. It’s sort of a relief. Chris has been telling me I’ve been hypomanic for three days. Dr. Rosenburg just called back and said to double my Thorazine at night but for today to take one now and one extra at night.

This is a really eye opening experience for me with this round of Hypomania at the beginning of my treatment course! I only feel like I am having PMS on a really good hair day today! This is nothing like full Hypomania or full mania! If I can learn to recognize this state, one I have been in a million days and thought was within the normal range, I am really gonna make some serious progress and I am really going to start feeling a lot better because it turns out the normal range is a lot smaller than I thought…

What a huge relief! I’m feeling better already! Next therapy appointment is Tuesday, May 19th! Onward and upward, my compatriots!

Until then, enjoy reading more of my work at, &!

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