Intensive Therapy Session #7: Graduation

I am happy to say that I have graduated to therapy every other week! I am happy—my husband got a promotion to middle school Principal, we are looking for a nice house on the other side of Houston closer to his new school, I’m going to homeschool Chloe this fall to keep her safe from COVID-19, as of today I have 98k followers on Pinterest (, I’m making money writing resumes in my spare time, my moods are under control and I’ve gotten consistently good reviews from my doctors. But, the best part is, I feel happy to be alive and grateful everyday the first thing when my eyes open in the morning…

I faced my worst fears, feelings and experiences and accepted them during these intensive therapy sessions. I might not have have had the easiest life, but today I wouldn’t change places with anybody else because I love my family and they love me. My husband’s and my daughter’s love through these last four years of bipolar sickness have seen my through, given me the strength to nurse myself back to a stronger me along with the help of good medicine and good doctors, and today is looking like a great time to be the best me I can be!

I am living proof that with a little will, a little meditation, and a lot of family support, anybody can make it through the darkest days Bipolar I Disorder can dish out—if you are struggling right now just to make it through today, please hang in there and rest, but don’t quit! Things will calm down for you, too, in time!

When the storm passes, the view is stunningly clear and smooth—I am grateful for the bumps and the storms because now things are so beautiful and happy and seem so worthy and real. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey to find a way through the ups and downs of trauma, mental illness and life itself! I have appreciated having you with me along the way!

Stay tuned as I pivot to write of happier things: accepting happiness, writing fiction again, enjoying a new life in a new town, juggling self-care, work and motherhood, and finding joy in the little things!

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  1. You sound so happy. This is great news.

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    1. Thank you, Angela! I am!


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