Meditation is Dependably Calming

Whenever I’m feeling stressed and strained and I have the time, I try to take thirty minutes to sit and do my guided meditation. I usually doubt it will relieve the pressure I am feeling, and I am usually pleasantly surprised to discover that if I can just convince myself to invest the thirty minutes, I will almost never be sorry.

I am a high-strung person. My mind races easily. I often find I get carried away with my thoughts. I often ruminate on things in the past or things yet to come, things I wish I had done differently or things I am worried about that haven’t happened yet. I can live many lifetimes this way in one morning. This is quite stressful. But, I’m learning to catch myself in these bad habits and when I do, I try and make some time at lunch to meditate because it relieves this kind of stress very well.

My guided meditation teacher always reminds me in his calming British accent, “You’re just here. Put all of the focus on being here. No past. No future. Just being here. This is the only place you’ll ever find peace.” How beautiful it is to release the burden of worrying about yesterday or even five minutes ago and of tomorrow or even five minutes from now, and just focus on the breath flowing in and out of your body, how liberating, how utterly relaxing and freeing.

Meditation teaches us to live in the right now because the right now is all that we really have—the past is gone, the future doesn’t exist yet, we are here in this moment breathing in and out right now—that is what is real, that is really all there is. Anything else is just a distraction—like worrying, ruminating, or the past and the future…

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