Chemically Balanced Again!

I recognized that I was depressed without the Gabapentin. Life seemed really bleak and difficult, arduous and thanklessly hard. For two weeks, I found myself constantly on the verge of tears, feeling like I was losing at the battle of life, always feeling like I had to catch myself before I fell off the side of the tallest cliff…

…I was catastrophizing about having to send my daughter back to school because I was convinced she would die of coronavirus. I was in a constant lament about the dreadful state of my mind…

…Then I recognized that I was depressed without the Gabapentin. I called Dr. Rosenburg this morning. He said to start taking the Gabapentin again because “being hypomanic beats being depressed! If you get hypomanic again, call me and I’ll fix it! You deserve to feel better!”…

…So, I took a dose of it and by the time it absorbed into my system, the depression was completely gone! Hallelujah! Everything has come blessedly back into focus! I am calm, centered, I feel full of Life’s graces, I am content with my place in the world, just like that, within an hour and a half, I am happy and feel reoriented again!

Wow! If it hadn’t happened to me, I never would have believed it! I just so happened, as a result of having fibromyalgia, to have stumbled upon the greatest elixir of my life—Gabapentin!

I can’t tell you what a sweet relief it is to be back on this life-affirming and happiness-producing medication! I don’t think I’m hypomanic, but if I actually am, I think I am ok with that too! The absence of the depression is such a sweet relief that I am so thankful to whoever created this medication that I am making a promise to myself and everyone who is reading this right now not to take this blessed state of mind for granted and to do my utmost to make the most of it by working hard to make the world a better place by loving my family and creating writing and art that amplifies the human spirit!

How’s that for a comeback? Can I get an amen?

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Thank y’all for reading!

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