So Excited To Be Healthy For The Holidays!

I realized today, on the official beginning of holiday season 2020, that I am symptom-free and can reasonably expect to be for this year’s festivities! I am so relieved since I was sick the last four years.

I love the holidays: being with my family and extended family, cooking, gift-giving, decorating the house, making a Christmas photo card to send out to family and friends, going to Christmas parties, making homemade ornaments together with my family and going shopping the day after Thanksgiving, seeing my daughter’s expressions when she opens her Christmas gifts, toasting on New Year’s Eve with my husband and having the first kiss of the new year…absolutely all of these things and more, I love about the holiday season, but for the past four years my joy has been much tempered by the mood swings of my bipolar disorder—so, it is with great happiness that I write that I am going to be able to enjoy all of these occasions to the utmost this year since I am within the normal range!

I can’t wait for this year’s Thanksgiving: we are having my parents and Chris’ mom over (even though it’s a pandemic, everyone is being safe and so it’s okay) and my mom and I are going to cook a real spread! We are having honey-baked ham, turkey breasts, the whole nine for sides, and I’m making pumpkin cheesecake and I have a new recipe for pecan pie cake that I’m going to try out for my husband’s sake!

We are starting a new tradition of making Christmas ornaments on the Friday after Thanksgiving (instead of going shopping since it is a global pandemic), and we are going to do this in my craft room! I haven’t decided yet just what kind of ornaments my family and I are going to make, but I have decided that my house is going to have three Christmas trees this year (one for the living room, one for the kitchen and one for the foyer), as well as many table-top trees, so we will be spending the day making lots of different homemade ornaments that I have downloaded from Pinterest, drinking holiday cocktails and listening to Christmas tunes! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So, here’s to everyone having the best holiday season possible in spite of the pandemic and in spite of our mental illnesses because life is short and family is sweet! I hope everyone is able to enjoy the beauty of this time as much as I’m going to enjoy it!

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As always, thank y’all for reading!

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