“Grey’s Anatomy” Portrays Bipolar Disorder Accurately

“Grey’s Anatomy” has been my favorite show from the get—from 27 to 43, I have been on the edge of my seat, laughing and crying during practically every episode. But, it was last season when Shonda Rhimes, the show’s creator, made the decision to portray a bipolar character, that I really became glued to my couch, riveted. I wanted to see if she could draw out a bipolar character’s uniqueness as flawlessly as she could portray everybody else…

Wow. Has she done it! Deluca, the bipolar character, is a forty-something man with a lot of baggage and a lot of ambition. He wanted one thing more than he wanted to be a great doctor—not to end up being like his father, not to end up being bipolar. But he is bipolar, and Deluca is having the hardest time accepting this fact, accepting his fate, because he acutely feels the stigma, the shame of his condition, in the form of feeling like a failure just for being bipolar. He is just like so many people who suffer with this condition, he is a lot like I was for so many years, even similar to the fact that I also struggled with the idea of turning out like my unmedicated bipolar father.

Deluca also has a group of people surrounding him, trying to help him, a wonderful support system that do their level best to try and coax him into seeking hospitalization when that is the absolute last thing that he wants to do. That is always the absolute last thing that we want to do. But it is often the very thing that we should do. Sometimes, it can be very hard to be taken care of, but it must be very hard to be a caretaker! I am going to thank my support system today because I just watched the scene from last night’s premiere of the show when Deluca’s support system stages an intervention to get him to agree to be hospitalized and he throws a huge fit, bringing several of them into hand-wringing tear fits themselves while they try to figure out what to say to convince him to go to the hopsital—it made me cry, thinking back to the times in my life when my support system has had to do the same thing for me…

So, here’s to a realistic portrayal of bipolar disorder that people like us can really get behind—and here’s hoping that in this season of “Grey’s,” Deluca will make the right decision and seek medical treatment! I think it is always a good idea to thank the people in our support system for their love and the effort and energy it takes them to give us the attention and care that we need in when we are in the throes of our condition!

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