Encouragement for Aspiring Artists Who Deal With Mental Illness


I would like to reprint here a blog post from my creative writing and visual art website, https://MarieKJohnston.com/encouragement-for-aspiring-novelists.

Although the article was originally intended for aspiring novelists generally, the message also applies to those of you following this site who have creative ambitions and also deal with a mental illness like I do.

I think it is so important to share this truth–no matter what kind of support system you have or don’t have, you are capable of achieving your creative goals. Even though you might be struggling to maintain your emotional balance, and even if the people around you are not capable of fully supporting either your mental health or your creative endeavors, do not lose sight of your personal and professional goals. It is too easy, really, to give up in this life and I believe that everyone has the capacity to succeed in this life no matter their personal challenges or the state of their support systems.

If you can dig deep inside of yourself right now and reclaim your true nature, the battle will practically be won and you will have freed yourself on your own to forge ahead on a path towards achieving mental and professional success. Never forget that at the end of the day, you are truly only accountable to yourself–and that the basic aim of living is make peace with yourself regardless of what other people are doing or not doing!