My Bohemian Farmhouse Folk Art

As a positive art therapy diversion, I began a redecorating project of my entire house about a year and a half ago.

This project gives me peace and happiness–the idea was to take boring yellow/gray decor and my mother’s hand-me-downs and transfuse my place with bohemian farmhouse charm, spending little or no money–just using my creativity and ingenuity.

I took a ton of objects and decor I already had and upgraded them. I sewed pillows and blankets. I painted on canvas and objects. I decoupaged. I used sharpies on all types of surfaces and objects. I framed and used my daughter’s artwork (she is quite an artist!). I did buy a few things, but kept that to a bare minimum.

And, I’m not done yet–this transformation could go on for years as my creativity really lets loose and I suddenly can think of free ways to upgrade our existing stuff!Here are some of my favorite pieces and results located downstairs and on the back porch!


Thanks for taking a look! I’d love some comments or feedback!img_5097