“Mental” by Marie K Johnston, Excerpts of the Novel


“Mental” is my yet-to-be published second novel, and although the main character, Eve Stuart, suffers from Major Depression, it is the story of my life from my senior year of high school to the end of my first teaching job (due to my “first” nervous breakdown).

The novel has three parts and exactly 50 chapters (no easy feat)–the first two are narrated by Eve’s twin sister, Lilly, as Lilly lives with and sneaks reads into Eve’s journal, trying to figure out what has made her happy-go-lucky, driven and successful sister a proverbial lump of coal.

The third part is narrated by Eve herself, as she has discovered the novella her twin is writing about her for a college class and decides to sneak her side of things in on the night before Lilly presents her tale to the class.

I will share here what I like to call Word Art of “Mental”–little snapshots from the story typed up in front of colorful background pictures. I have created a slew of them for viewing on my creative writing website, http://www.MarieKJohnston.com, where you can view many, many more!




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To read actual chapters from “Mental” and more word art, as well as to see more bohemian folk art, please visit my creative site, http://www.MarieKJohnston.com!